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 Picked up a Mosin

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PostSubject: Picked up a Mosin   Sat Feb 23, 2013 8:08 pm

I scored a 91/30 on the cheap two weeks ago, something that is becoming a rarity due to the crusade against guns here in the states. It was a local sale too so no FFL and shipping fees. Manufacture date of 1943, crest indicates Izhevsk arsenal as point of origin. Re-arsenal job done after the war. Even has the bayonet. Numbers matching except the bolt, but that is not uncommon from what I read.
I bought a crate of ammo for it, two spam cans of 440 rds ea totaling 880 for $150 from Sportsman's Guide. Finally got around to bringing it to my mothers today, she has 102 acres of old farm land which is my personal shooting gallery.
I have to say, the thing is accurate as all hell. At 100+ yds I was grouping them pretty well. Loud as hell too. Forgot to put my ear plugs back in at one point and squeezed off a round. Oops !
Won't get around to shooting it again until the snow melts. Have to get some better targets too. Thinking of buying store brand two liter bottles of orange soda and hanging the from tree branches. Makes for a cheap reactive target !
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Picked up a Mosin
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